A study made by the United Nations Conference on Economic Development states that about 80% of the exported goods are shipped by sea transport. In addition, according to this study, this figure is expected to increase exponentially in the not too distant future. In this scenario, the so-called Smart Ports arise.

What are “Smart Ports”?

Smart Ports are an evolution of traditional ports that use technology and innovation to be more efficient and eco-friendly, in addition to increasing safety and improving processes.

The gradual implementation of Smart Ports will benefit users by increasing their commercial profitability due to the decrease in costs thanks to greater optimization.

Currently, the ports of Barcelona, La Coruña or Seville are working to evolve and become the Smart Ports of reference in the not too distant future. This implantation will undoubtedly lead to positive changes in the country’s port activity that will have a direct impact on all the companies involved both directly and indirectly.

Smart Port Days

On 4th March 2020, the Smart Ports 2020 Conference will take place in Madrid. Among its objectives are:

● Know the public and private initiatives recently developed for digitalization, innovation and sustainability of Spanish ports, also considering the international context.
● Present real use cases in the application of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data, among others.
● Exchange ideas and business opportunities between participants and attendees.
● Contacting the business, research and innovative port communities.
● Reflect on the next trends in the incorporation of emerging technologies in the port sector, such as 5G.

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