Which spare parts are of better quality: original spare parts or OEM spare parts? In today’s post we tell you everything you need to know before buying marine spare parts for your vessel or yacht.


Some brands in the marine sector sell products whose components are manufactured by companies to whom they order their production. This is because they do not have their own factories that are responsible for creating all the parts. Sometimes these are finished products, but usually they are semi-finished products that require assembly.

After carrying out any other process necessary to obtain the finished product, the brands apply a margin and sell it under their trademark. They carry out the entire commercial process and after-sales service, which increases the price but also the guarantees offered.

These brands are called Value Added Reseller (VAR), because they increase the added value through electronics, customer service, warranty, marketing, technical service, etc.

For example, in MAQMAR we are distributors of genuine spare parts of the brand Bombas Azcue, because we strongly believe in the quality of genuine products.

Whenever possible we recommend buying genuine marine spare parts.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM parts are something like the white label of spare parts. These parts are produced and sold by the manufacturer itself without any intermediary. In this way, the margins applied by the brands are avoided, but without the added value they offer.

Therefore, you have to choose very well from which suppliers and which OEM products you buy. If you use OEM spare parts, you may have some problems:

  • Incompatibility with other components
  • Poor fit.
  • Poor durability.

Quality Replacement Parts (QRP)

Another type of more affordable spare parts that we do not recommend buying are the so-called QRP. These are parts that are compatible with the genuine products, but are not manufactured by the original manufacturer. They are copies that perform the same function. Therefore, they are cheaper spare parts, but the risk of having problems with them is also higher.

These parts are also called aftermarket spare parts.

As we said, it is always better to buy the parts you need from the company that sold you the pump, engine, etc., because you will have more guarantees and after-sales service.



We recommend that you only buy OEM parts in case you cannot find the genuine parts you need.

And as you can deduce, we don’t recommend that you buy QRP parts because it’s better to play it safe.

And you don’t want to end up buying a complete pump or motor because you used low quality parts just to save money, do you?

If you buy genuine spare parts you are paying for peace of mind and security.


We are distributors of Azcue Pumps, KSB Itur, Deutz, Guascor Energy and many more brands. Contact us to buy genuine spare parts and solve your doubts. We offer you a free quotation.