Over time, centrifugal pumps can develop various problems. In order for this not to happen prematurely, it is essential to perform regular maintenance on the centrifugal pump. In today’s post, we will introduce you to the most common problems that can arise when using centrifugal pumps and some of the possible causes.

Problems with centrifugal pumps

Not pumping any or a small amount of liquid

If it is pumping little or no liquid, the pump may not be fully submerged or properly aligned.

It may also be that the pump is leaking, and therefore the mechanical seal needs to be replaced.

Another cause may be that air has entered the system, either in the suction pipe, in the air inlet or in the seal.


Noise from a centrifugal pump is often due to cavitation. This occurs when there is insufficient pressure and some of the liquid is transformed into vapor. The vapor within the pumped liquid reduces the capacity of the pump. This phenomenon can damage the walls of the pump and reduce its service life.


Cast iron pumps can perform well for everyday applications, but can produce corrosion if exposed to low pH liquids. Cast iron resists neutral and alkaline (high pH) liquids well.

The best way to avoid corrosion in your pump is to choose a pump that is compatible with the fluid it has to pump. For example, stainless steel pumps are anti-corrosion.


One of the signs of bearing damage is sound or vibration between components. Bearings can wear out over time due to factors such as fatigue, contamination or lack of lubrication. This can be avoided by using lubricants that dampen vibrations.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to vibrations and keep the bearings in good condition to continue to perform well.


Wear is a normal process of pump deterioration that occurs over time. But, excessive and premature wear can be avoided by using lubricants and performing periodic maintenance.


In the next post we will tell you how to maintain your centrifugal pump. And if your pump has any of the problems mentioned above, contact our team to get a free quote for the spare parts you need to solve them.